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Female | Range 35-55 | Non Union


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Engaging Intelligent Warm Confident Soothing Smoky Luscious Mature


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Audiobooks Audio Tours Documentaries E-Learning Teaching Games Website Audio



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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth provides smart sound solutions for your educational audio needs. In addition to performing, she also writes scripts and produces finished audio (including music and sound effects).

With over 30 years' experience running her own business, Elizabeth knows first-hand the importance of bringing a project in on time.

Elizabeth strives to both meet and exceed her client's expectations. She looks forward to bringing her professional experience and expertise to your next voice over project!


"Elizabeth is an extremely competent and detailed person. She has demonstrated a strong sense of professionalism in everything I've seen her tackle. In addition to working closely with her during my tenure as Museum President, I've worked with her on the creation and publishing of a book and more recently, on developing the Museum's first audio tour. Her mellifluous voice, along with her dedication to doing things right, resulted in a truly first class audio tour. I recommend Elizabeth with no reservations. She will do a great job for you."

Al Loebel
Healdsburg Museum

"We LOVE students like Elizabeth! She is smart, she practices, and she takes initiative. And now she is WORKING! While finishing up her training, she was already narrating and producing an audiobook and a museum audio-tour guide. I would encourage any company in need of a voice over artist to audition and consider Elizabeth."

David Goldberg
CEO of Edge Studio
the Voice Over company

"I can't mention Elizabeth often enough when describing talented, hard-working, intelligent women. Elizabeth listens thoroughly, learns quickly, and delivers copy elegantly. "

Carol Monda Actor, Voiceover Artist,
Audiobook Narrator

"Elizabeth is so wonderful to work with and I truly appreciate the time and effort she puts into her work. Elizabeth hosted two Voices.com webinars, "Organizing Your Voiceover Space" and "Managing Your Goals and Setting Expectations." They were extremely well received within the community and her expertise and knowledge was inspiring and motivating. I would highly recommend Elizabeth!"

Ashley Rose Davidson
Social Media Marketing Specialist at DigOnline
Digital Marketing Agency


Edge Studio NYC

Comprehensive Training & Coaching

Elizabeth Holmes has trained extensively with voice over industry leader Edge Studio in New York City since April 2009 and continues her training to date.




Intensive Training & Seminars

Elizabeth Holmes received her initial voice over training with the voice over specialists at VoiceTraxSF.



Seminars & Workshops

Elizabeth Holmes has continued her training with the following classes and workshops:

  • Commercial Voice Over Report Card with Marc Cashman
  • Recording on the Road with Dan Lenard
  • Voiceover & Narration with Madeleine Wild at Radio Magic
  • Basic & Intermediate ProTools with George Whittam
  • Animation with Bob Bergen
  • Audiobooks with Barbara Rosenblat


In addition to being a voice actor, Elizabeth Holmes is a writer and staff editor at VoiceOverXtra. Click below to read her Sounds Odd articles:

Elizabeth is also editor of VoiceOverXtra's book division, including Voice Over Legal, by voice actor / attorney Robert Sciglimpaglia. Check out Voice Over Legal:


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Contact Elizabeth

phone (707) 758-9231

email elizabeth@holmesvoice.com

locale Healdsburg, California


Elizabeth Holmes

phone (707) 758-9231

email elizabeth@holmesvoice.com

locale Healdsburg, California